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Time heals everything. Or does it?

Everything in this universe (including itself) has a tendency to grow and develop. After 13.8 billion years (believed age of the universe), a quite interesting fact has been observed that everything eventually is growing...

5 things to stop doing right now 0

5 Things to stop doing right now

People often are unaware of the things they do that can hamper their productivity. More often than not they don’t seem to realize things that they have been doing wrong their entire life. We all...

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10 ways to stay fit without a gym

Swimming Regular swimming helps in improving memory function and thinking skills. Swimming fires up more of your body’s major muscle groups than other forms of cardio exercise. Swimming also helps in maintaining body weight, tones...

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Nipah Virus- Everything you need to know.

What is Nipah virus(NiV)? Nipah virus (NiV) infection which is closely related to Hendra virus causes severe disease in both animals and humans. NiV was first observed in the disease outbreak which took place...